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Online Rental Conditions

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1º.Contracting Conditions / On-line Reservation

Internet rates are subject to change at any time. Reservations made at offer special prices and conditions that cannot be applied to reservations made by telephone or at the counter of our offices.

1-1. Information and Documents Required:

The Renter and the Driver must present a driver’s license. This must be valid, valid in Spain and have been in force for at least two years. Likewise, the minimum age to be able to rent is 19 years old with a minimum of 1 year driving license for small groups and models; 20 years old for Suv type Seat Arona, 21 years old and 2 years of driving license, for medium large cars 23 years old and 3 years of driving license, for the rest of the groups and models. For young drivers up to 24 years old and with a minimum of 1 year of driving license, they will have an extra per day of rental that will be the one that will mark the rates in force at any time and that are published in step two of the On Line reservation, indicating the amount per day.

If the driving license is in a language with a non-Latin alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.), it must be complemented with an international license, validated by any country of the European Union.

In addition, the tenant’s ID card or passport must also be presented, and in the event that the tenant has been in any country of the European Union for more than six months, a valid residence permit from any member of the European Union must be presented.

We remind you that children must travel in a car with a child seat suitable for their age and weight until they are over 1.35 meters tall, normally around 12 years of age. Although it is no longer compulsory once children have reached the height of 1.35 meters, the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) recommends using the seat if possible until the child is 1.50 meters tall. On page 23, we provide more information on this subject.


1. THE EXPENSE OF THE CLEANING, DISSECTION, AS WELL AS THE DAMAGE TO THE INTERIOR OF THE VEHICLE, the scratches to the upholstery and internal elements of the vehicle, as seats, the internal elements of the same, as well as the paralyzation of the vehicle in case that by the odors in the vehicle is paralyzed as a consequence of this.

2. All the damages caused to the vehicle will be valued by an external expert of the company and according to the valuation report, this will be charged to the Renter in his Credit or Debit card, having the option the Renter to appoint another external expert in less than 48 hours, if after that time the Expert opinion is not presented, it will be understood that he accepts the expert opinion made by hello RENTACAR.

3. The HIRER must request authorization prior to renting the vehicle to take a pet, and if authorized by the LESSOR, the HIRER must indicate what kind of animal, taking responsibility for all damages and prejudices that may cause to the vehicle, which we have already mentioned, the most commonly caused by an animal in a vehicle.

The payment that is admitted in On Line, is with Credit or Debit card (VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEXO,), which are the most used in the internet environment.

The prices are quoted in Euros (€) and always INCLUDE TAXES, in the prices offered in On Line Payment of the Web.

It is compulsory to present the reservation locator number when picking up the vehicle.

The Lessee undertakes to comply with all the rules of the Traffic and Road Safety Code in force in the Spanish State, as well as within the European Union, in the event that the Lessor has the Authorization to circulate within the European Union.



Currently on our website, we have expanded the offer to our customers, based on the types of insurance you want to hire and kilometers to travel, ie a Comprehensive Insurance, with Excess, with Reduced Excess and No Excess, with European Assistance. Depending on whether or not it covers the own blows to the vehicle in case of Accident (the amounts of the deductibles for each Group and model are on page 23). In each Pack it is described the amount of each deductible according to the model and the option that the client will contract on the Web, as currently in the offers, Pack Basic, Standard and Premium.

The Packs that we are going to offer for each model and number of days of rent, will be the Basic Pack, the Standard and the Premium, which we are going to indicate what they include in each one of them.

Based on the mileage to be hired, there are several options of mileage per day, from 250km per day with a maximum per rental contract of 2,500 km in the Basic Pack, 450km per day with a maximum of 4,500km per rental contract in the Standard Pack and 700km per day with a maximum of 7,000km per rental contract in the Premium Pack.

What it means, Full-Full, is that we deliver the tank full of fuel and the customer has to deliver it full. When the vehicle is picked up, the customer’s credit or debit card will be charged for the amount of fuel in the vehicle and when the vehicle is returned it must be delivered full. In the event that the vehicle is delivered full, at the time of check-in by hello rentacar staff and check it, the amount charged (or retained) to your credit or debit card will be refunded in full, otherwise the vehicle will be refilled charging the customer the amount resulting from the filling plus 15 € for taking it to refuel by our staff to the nearest gas station.

The insurance of 24 hours Assistance in the peninsular territory is included in all the Packs, in no case is included the European International Assistance Insurance and whose cost per day is the same.

The International Assistance insurance is not included in any Pack, since no vehicle can leave the peninsular territory abroad without the express authorization of the Leasing Company – hello RENTACAR (Samelar Main S.L.). In the event that the Lessee has authorization from the Lessor-hello RENTACAR, the daily cost is published in this same document on page 15.

The following tables show in detail what is included and what is not included in each Park.


Here is a summary of which extras are included and which are not included in the Basic package, which you can purchase in the second step of the online booking process.

Own Damage Insurance (CDW) with Excess
24 hours Assistance Insurance Spain
Kilometers per day: 250 Km. (maximum per contract 2500 km).
Driver + Occupants Insurance
Glass and Wheel Protection Insurance
Vehicle Theft Insurance
European International Assistance Insurance
Reservation Cancellation Insurance
Credit/Debit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD)


Here is a summary of which extras are included and which are not included in the Standard package, which you can purchase in the second step of the online booking process.

Own Damage Insurance (CDW) with Excess
24 hours Assistance Insurance Spain
Driver + Occupants Insurance
Additional driver
Kilometers per day: 450 Km. (maximum per contract 4500 km.)
Glass and Wheel Protection Insurance
Vehicle Theft Insurance
European International Assistance Insurance
Reservation Cancellation Insurance
Excess Waiver
Credit/Debit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD)


Here is a summary of which extras are included and which are not included in the Premium package, which you can purchase in the second step of the online booking process.

PREMIUM PLUS INSURANCE (Includes insurance for own damage to the vehicle and third parties, glass and wheel insurance, vehicle theft insurance, 24 hours assistance insurance, occupants insurance).
Additional driver 1
European International Assistance Insurance
Credit/Debit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD)


1. VAT, according to current taxes.

2. Additional driver/s, according to offer in each Web Packs may be included or not, and according to each time of the year.

3. 24 hours roadside assistance, and throughout the Spanish peninsular territory. It is possible to contract a European international assistance insurance (only within the European Union) in any of our offices, with a special daily price (being the cost of 14 € for the first day of rental and 12 € x days with a maximum of 200 € per rental contract). for outside the European Union, it is also possible, but you must consult with our offices by calling 985 17 65 65, or request it via email to

4. The coverages of the obligatory insurance of the vehicle and the complementary one of civil responsibility with damages in front of third parties by collision. It is included in all the Packs, Basic, Standard and Premium. The amounts are detailed on Page 15.

5. Personal and occupants insurance (PAI), which includes personal injuries as a consequence of the use and circulation of the vehicle, according to the policy and amounts contracted by the Lessor. In each of the three packs offered, it is indicated whether it is included or not. Details of the amounts are shown on page 15.

6. Mileage Included in each Web Packs:

a. Basic Pack includes 250 km per day with a maximum per rental contract of 2,500 km. The excess mileage will be as published at any time on the Web, for each model and group of vehicle.

b. Standard Pack includes 450 kilometers per day, with a maximum per rental contract of 4,500 kilometers. Excess kilometers shall be as published on the Web at any time for each model and vehicle group.

c. Premium Pack includes UNLIMITED mileage, with the exception that in this Premium Pack the kilometers included per day are 700km per day with a maximum of 7,000km per rental contract. The mileage per excess will be the one published in each moment in the Web, for each model and Group of vehicle.

d. Informative note of prices x Km of excess, the Km of excess goes from a basic model to a high-end model, from 0.08 €/km to 0.17 €/km for a high-end model per Km of excess, excluding VAT. At the end of this document is attached the table of the price per km of excess for each model and vehicle group. On pages 13 and 14 of this document, you will find detailed prices for each model and group of the extra kilometer price.

7. The own damages insurance to the vehicle (CDW). It covers the own damages to the vehicle with and without excess (with the exception of the exclusions). We indicate below what is included in the CDW, in each Web Packs.

a. Basic Web Pack includes the Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance, which covers the damages caused to third parties. It does not include the own damages caused to the vehicle and the Renter must pay the Excesses indicated for each Model and Group, published in the Web.

b. Pack Web Standard includes, the Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance, which is the damages caused to third parties in case of Accident, It does not include the own damages caused to the vehicle and the Renter must take charge of the Excesses (Reduced) indicated for each model and group, published on the Web, it is possible to buy the exemption of the franchise through the Web. Published for each model and Group on Pages 13 and 14 of this document.

c. Pack Web Premium includes, the Full Vehicle Risk Insurance that covers 100% of the damages caused to third parties as well as the own damages to the rented vehicle, in case of Accident.

d. Informative note of the deductibles. At the end of this document is attached the table with the price of the deductibles for each model and group of vehicle, pages 13 and 14.

8. Glass and Wheel Protection Insurance. In general terms it is included in the Premium Web Pack for this concept, nevertheless, the client can buy it directly when he/she is making the purchase Online to acquire it for a modest daily price, for the Basic and Standard Packs. Published on Page 15 of this document,


1-The refueling of the vehicles and fuel, will be at the expense of the lessee.

2-The fines that may occur and whose management hello Rentacar, will charge a fee of 135 € for each fine managed to the client – Driver or failing that the Lessee. It will be charged to the Renter’s Credit or Debit card.


a. The cleaning of the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle is returned with dirt well above normal use, the client may be charged from a minimum of 150€ up to the amount that the appraisal (always through a Chartered Expert external to the leasing company), indicates for the washing of the vehicle. It will be charged to the Lessee’s credit card.

b. Damages to rims, tires, and damages to the underbody of the vehicle, which will be charged at the price, according to the appraisal made by an external chartered expert, whose cost will be charged to the Renter. The Renter’s credit or debit card will be charged.

c. The loss of the vehicle’s documentation or the breakage of keys, remote controls, or parking card (in the event that it is given to the client). Any of these assumptions would imply the charge of the same and the charge to the Credit or Debit card the amount of 55€, in case of the parking card, (for those hello Rentacar offices that operate inside a parking lot) and of 150€ in case of loss of documentation of the vehicle.

The renter’s debit credit card will be charged.

d. Damages due to wrong fuel and damages to windows and mirrors of the vehicle, damages to windows and external mirrors or battery recharging, as well as damages due to refueling of fuel other than the one the vehicle is intended for due to its motorization and legally recommended by the manufacturer, shall be invoiced according to the expert appraisal made by a certified external expert, whose cost shall be borne by the Renter, being charged to the Renter’s Credit or Debit Card.

e. Damage to the upholstery, cargo areas and clutch to the vehicle, in vans as in passenger cars, damage to the clutch or gearbox, or any damage caused to the vehicle, as well as cargo areas in the vans produced from inside the cargo compartment by not securing the load, spillage of oils or corrosive substances, as well as damage to the wheel arches, such as damage to the upholstery and interior of the vehicle, will be charged to the credit or debit card of the lessee, after an expert appraisal by an external Chartered expert.

f. In case of damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that alters the normal driving of the vehicle, or by manifest negligence of the driver. Damages caused to the rented vehicle will be charged to the lessee’s credit or debit card.

g. In the case of driving in places not suitable for public transport, such as forest tracks or beaches, and in general for driving and not respecting the rules of the Traffic and Road Safety Code in force at all times in Spain. Any damage that may occur will be charged to the credit or debit card, after an expert appraisal by an external chartered expert.

h. In case of theft, the Tenant is obliged to hand over the keys to the Lessor and file the corresponding report at the police station (within 48 hours), describing in the friendly accident report (PAA) all the details of the theft. Otherwise the Lessee would have to compensate the Lessor with the market value of the vehicle, at the average price stipulated by the Spanish market, as a reference the one published by the Gamban at the maximum price at that moment.

i. All these exclusions are more detailed in the rental contract and in the general contracting conditions of the Lessor, attached to the published website.

j. In the exclusions exposed, the towing, with 24 hours assistance, may be charged to the Lessee’s credit/debit card, in the cases exposed in the general contracting conditions, annexed to the published web.

k. All damages or losses related to the vehicle that are excluded from insurance (CDW), will be assessed either by external personnel (external chartered surveyor), or by internal workshop or reception staff of hello Rentacar, provided that the damage does not exceed the amount of the franchise. In any case, the Renter can send an external expert on his own to make an appraisal (within 48 hours, otherwise the Renter’s appraisal will be considered valid). Charged to the Lessee’s credit or debit card.

l. The extras are not included in the price. The prices of the same are published in the Web at the time of making the reservation, as well as in the pages of this same document, from 13 onwards.

m. It is possible to contract an ALL RISK insurance 100% WITHOUT FRANCHISE, which covers the damages to the vehicle in case of accident, and you will find it in the Premium Packs included. This insurance does not cover the negligence and exceptions that are exposed in the previous points and in the general conditions of contracting that is published in our Web.


A. As a general rule in hello Rentacar any reservation of direct payment in office or online payment can be canceled without any charge as long as it is notified (via email or phone) 7 days in advance for Basic Pack, 4 days for Standard Packs and 48 hours for Premium Packs.

If you cancel the reservation with 7 days notice, you will be reimbursed 100% of the prepayment of the Basic Packs reservation. Otherwise, the amount paid in Pago On line will not be refunded.

If you cancel 4 days in advance, you will be reimbursed 100% of the prepayment of the reservation made online through the Standard Pack. Otherwise the amount paid will not be refunded, with the exception of the models of vehicles of six, seven and new seats that the cancellation of the reservation must be made with an advance of SEVEN days, otherwise the amount paid in Online Payment will not be refunded.

If you cancel 48 hours in advance, you will be refunded 100% of the prepayment of the reservation, for reservations with Online Prepayment of Premium Packs, except for models of vehicles of six, seven and new seats that the cancellation of the reservation must be made with a notice of SEVEN days, otherwise the amount paid in Online Payment will not be refunded.

If you cancel with 24 hours or the same day of the reservation will not be refunded the prepayment made in Pago On Line, as well as in the case of no-show at the collection of the vehicle.

The notification of cancellation must be made via email to

C. We recommend that if you are not going to pick up the reserved vehicle CANCEL the RESERVATION as soon as possible, so you will not have any additional costs, and we will thank you for your consideration with other clients and with the company.

D. Any RESERVATION must be confirmed by hello Rentacar, therefore we kindly ask you to always ask for the voucher number or the reservation locator number, if the reservation is confirmed, and you have already made the prepayment, you will have all the right to claim us to provide you with a vehicle. As long as the reservation is confirmed more than 7 days in advance for groups 4, 4A, 4B, 4C, E1, E2 and Group 5, and 48 hours in advance for all other groups.

E. Very important: for any reservation to be an effective and confirmed reservation in any modality (i.e. PAY IN OFFICE, ONLINE PAYMENT), it must contain all the Renter’s and Driver’s data – updated:

DNI or Passport.

Driving license information.

Contact telephone number.

E-mail address.

Obviously these data must belong to the renter or the driver (indicated in the necessary documents). Otherwise it WILL NOT BE A VALID RESERVATION CONFIRMATION, and the Lessor will not be responsible for it and the Lessee will not be entitled to any claim, for not complying with the necessary documentation requirements demanded above, and indicated in the General Conditions of Online Contracting.


In the event of an accident, the Renter is obliged to complete the Friendly Accident Report (PAA) within 48 hours and send it to the Lessor. In the PAA, the driver shall provide in detail all the information of the facts. If the PAA is not completed in accordance with the reality of the facts, it may be rejected by the insurance company, in which case the Renter will be liable for all damages caused to the vehicle and to third parties. As a general rule, all the general contracting conditions are published on the Web. See general contracting conditions.


It is allowed to leave the vehicle in another office, and these where On Way is allowed between any of them are, (Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés, Lugones, Asturias Airport), having a cost per rental of 21€* (information on pages 13 and following).

2. It is not allowed to go abroad or out of mainland Spain, without prior written authorization from hello Rentacar.

3. In case of not complying with this rule of point (2), the renter will be obliged to pay for any incident abroad and the credit/debit card will be charged at a rate of 14€ per day, independent of the repatriation costs of persons and vehicle.

4. In case of accident, all repatriation expenses of both the vehicle and persons, as well as damages caused to third parties will be charged to the Renter. In any case, you have the possibility of contracting an international European insurance that covers all these incidents, for a minimum daily cost of 14€ for the first day of rental and 12€ per day of rental up to a maximum of 200€ per rental contract.

5. We are not responsible for forgotten or stolen objects inside the vehicle, the company hello Rentacar is not responsible for these incidents, nor in the case that the vehicle is left after hours in the offices where we have parking.

6. Check-Out – Departure of the vehicle, the client has the obligation to verify the state of the vehicle according to the diagrams of the same one that are printed in the own contract of rent, so that it can verify if there are scratches in the sheet, or blows, as well as the interior state of the vehicle, signing this document. In the general contracting conditions that are printed on the front of the rental contract, as well as are posted on the Web. Section 2. RECEIPT, RETURN, USE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE VEHICLE.

7. Check- In- Arrival or delivery of the vehicle at the end of the rental by the customer, it is inspected by the staff of hello RENTACAR and the customer, checking the condition of the vehicle, bodywork, interior, windows, wheels, etc, checking the rental contract if it presents the same state of the vehicle as at the exit.


The customer can leave the vehicle outside office hours 365 days a year in Gijon, Oviedo and Asturias Airport.

Gijón center, the office is located in the center of the city and operates from a parking lot in the Zona de Fomento, on the second floor of the parking lot we have a marked area for parking the vehicle and on the second floor next to the Control office is another office hello that has a key box, where you have to deposit them. All vehicles have a parking card to enter and exit, in case you do not have it, just take the Tiket and leave it in the vehicle is valid.

Oviedo Estación de Renfe, the office is almost next to the facilities of the Renfe Station itself, located at the end of Uría street in Oviedo, in the center of the city. The parking is the same as the RENFE Station, and on the third floor is perfectly signposted the parking area reserved for hello RENTACAR. The operation of entry to the parking is, take the Tiket that gives the machine and park the vehicle on the third floor in the area reserved for hello RENTACAR and leave the Tiket inside the vehicle, and then leave the keys in the Office of hello that has next to the entrance door to the office, which is located on the street, as you leave the elevator parking on the right hand side about 20 steps.

At Asturias Airport, the vehicle must enter the public parking lot of the airport, take the Tiket and leave it parked as close as possible to the meeting point area. As we do not have a physical office at the airport for the moment, our staff at the time of the delivery of the vehicle, already indicates the whole operation of parking and return of the vehicle.

8. DISCREPANCIES BETWEEN CHECK-OUT AND CHECK-IN. In case there is a discrepancy with the client, as he has in his possession the rental contract with the outline of the vehicle at check-out (SIGNED BY HIM), he checks it and if it is correct, he will be responsible for the damage caused and depending on the contracted amount, the excess will be deducted or the credit or debit card will be charged. In case you do not want to take charge, because the amount does not seem reasonable, it is indicated that we will ask for a surveyor to a Chartered Expert to tell us the amount of damage, giving the customer the option to send on their own to another Chartered Expert, as long as it does not take more than 48 hours to verify the amount, otherwise it will take the Expert Surveyor of hello RENTACAR. A specimen of the rental contract is attached below.



Another document is printed in the same way, in which the state of the vehicle is indicated. That is to say, at the departure of the vehicle a specimen of the contract is printed and signed by the client and at the arrival of the vehicle another specimen of the same contract is printed indicating the state of the vehicle and the settlement of the amounts of the rent is made to issue the invoice later.


1. First with the confirmation of receipt of your data. The driver’s ID card or valid PASSPORT, driver’s usual address (street, number, door, floor, letter, city, postal code and autonomous community), valid driving license in Spanish territory, e-mail and correct cell phone number, for verification. With the acceptance or refusal of the reservation.

2. The reception of the first email (reservation request) DOES NOT IMPLY THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE RESERVATION.

3. At the moment the client receives the reservation locator number, the reservation will be effective, if it fulfills the PAYMENT requirements.

4. Vehicles will be delivered during office hours, which are from 08:30 to 13:30 hours and from 16:00 to 20.00 hours from Monday to Friday, Saturdays from 09:00 hours to 13:00 hours, this timetable is for the Gijón Centro Office. The schedules of the rest of the Offices are indicated for each one of the Offices and are constantly updated on the Web.

5. There is a delivery and pick up service outside office hours, which can be contracted through the web and whose amount is published and indicated in the second step of the reservation on the WEB. The schedules of Asturias Airport are posted on the Web and updated.

6. Vehicles will be delivered or picked up outside office hours, as long as the Client-Lessee has contracted it (prices on the Web), and maintains all the responsibilities derived from the rental contract until the reception of the vehicle by our part-Lessor (during office hours).

7. You can pay online through or choose to make the payment in our offices, when you pick up the vehicle. Payment is by Credit or Debit Card (VISA or Master Car).

8. The rental is not necessarily linked to a specific vehicle (make-model, color, equipment, etc.) but to a group of vehicles with similar technical and habitability characteristics.

9. Upon delivery of the vehicle, THE CLIENT (lessee) IS REQUIRED to verify and SIGN THE RENTAL CONTRACT, being essential to present a Credit or Debit Card in the name of the Driver-Lessee to make the payment and to be able to WITHDRAW the same. Being essential that it is the same person who made the Reservation in Online Payment, otherwise the lessor WILL NOT DELIVER THE VEHICLE, losing the Lessee the amount of the Pre-Payment made in the Reservation or in the On Line Reservation, as long as, the authorization has not been issued by the Client – Lessee to another different person, notifying the Lessor previously, either by e-mail or fax, identifying through the ID or Passport the one who gives the power as the one who gives the power and being accepted by the Lessor.

10. In the event that payment is made by debit card may be required a deposit that can be from 900 € to 3,900 €, depending on the model of vehicle to rent, and even reject this means of payment, depending on the assessment that is made at that time by the office staff.

11. In the event that the Client-Tenant does not meet a profile that our reception staff has assessed, or does not meet the general conditions of contracting the lessor, this could be denied the rental.

12. It is necessary to have the reservation number, which will arrive with the email of acceptance of the reservation of the vehicle, and made the Payment On Line with the Credit or Debit card, verified by the Lessor, to be able to pick it up.

13. It is mandatory that the Lessee always carries a physical and valid rental contract in the rented vehicle, in case of not carrying it, he/she may be fined by the Spanish authorities, being the responsibility of the Lessee.

14. Child seats (ISO 9140 single seat; 9-18 Kg.) and booster seats (ISO 9200; 18-36 Kg.), baby seats, upon request, as well as chains in the snowy season, are offered free of charge in some groups and models in the reservations made through However, they are listed as extras on the same Web site, pages 13 and 14 of this document.


NOTE: We inform you that deliveries and collections at Asturias Airport, have a surcharge, the amount of which is specified in the reservation and ranging from 19.00 to 69.50 € for delivery and the same amount for collection, provided it is during office hours. Deliveries and collections outside these hours, will have another surcharge ranging from 35 € to 90 €, likewise deliveries and collections on holidays will have a surcharge ranging from 25 € to 90 € (depending on the schedule) for both delivery and collection. However, the current prices for these concepts are always updated at the time of booking on the Web, as they depend on the time and time of year in which the vehicle will be booked.

7.2. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: hello Rentacar does not have service inside the airport facilities. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE THREE HOURS IN ADVANCE AND WITH CONFIRMATION BY hello Rentacar BY EMAIL, otherwise it will not be possible to be attended, even if the ONLINE PAYMENT has been made. hello Rentacar WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DELAY IN THE DELIVERY OF THE VEHICLE.

In any case, everything that is not contemplated in the condition of the contracting of the online reservation, will always be regulated in the General Conditions of Contract, which are available at

For any questions you may have, you can contact us by phone (985 17 65 65) or by email (


Children must carry a child seat in the car until they are over 1.35 meters tall and must always travel in the back seat except when the vehicle has no rear seats or all rear seats are already occupied by child restraint systems. In this case, minors may travel in the front with an approved seat.

Remember that age (previously 12 years old) is no longer the reference to know if a minor should use a child seat or not: now it is the height, 1.35 meters, which is the reference.

Group 0 or Group 0+ car seats must be placed in the opposite direction to the direction of travel.

It is important to choose a child restraint system suitable for the age and height of the child.

Group 0: Carrycot or carrycot. It is usually used until babies are 1 year old, up to 10 kilos of weight. Place it in the opposite direction of travel.

Group 0+: Carrycot or stroller. Up to 18 months and 13 kilos. Hold the carrycot at the back in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. You will know it is time to change seat when your baby’s head protrudes from the seat.

Group I: Stroller. From 1 to 4 years (between 10 and 18 kilos). Now that your baby is older, you will have to place the car seat in the direction of travel and teach them not to put their arms out so that they always travel protected.

Group II: Booster seat with backrest. From 3 to 6 years old (15/25 kilos), we already teach boys and girls to eat with us at the table by placing some cushions so that they can reach them better. In the same way, in the car they will use the seat belt like adults, but with a booster seat with a backrest that will protect them better.

Group III: Booster cushion. From 5 to 12 years (22/36 kilos). The same as group III but adapted to older children.



The price table includes taxes and VAT. It is understood that the Excess is a Deposit or Deposit in the case that the purchased Pack does not include it. The price of the additional kilometer in the case of exceeding the contracted amount.



The following are the coverages that we have contracted with the current insurance company that hello RENTACAR currently has in a reduced form.


Compulsory civil liability coverage included.

Complementary civil liability, bonds, defense up to 50.000.000€.

Claim for damages included.

Driver’s bodily injury


In case of Death, 6.010,12€.

Partial permanent physical disability, the result of over 6.010,12€ the percentage foreseen by the above mentioned scale.

Health Care 100% of the expenses to be incurred during two years and as a maximum per claim 1.500€.

Partial permanent physical disability: 70% of an arm, 60% of a leg, 40% of a foot, 20% of a thumb, 10% of a finger, 5% of a toe, 30% of an eye, 40% of an ear. Other injuries will be valued by analogy


The present contract shall be governed by what is agreed herein and by articles 1.554, following and concordant articles of the Civil Code on the lease of things and remains of Spanish laws in force, submitting the parties to the jurisdiction of the Competent Courts of the place of fulfillment of the Obligations, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction for any question arising from its application or interpretation. However, the Lessor declares its intention to resolve any differences with the Lessee amicably.

In view of the characteristics of the services provided by this Company, the Lessee may not exercise the right of withdrawal referred to in Articles 68 and following of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws”.


FOR ANY QUESTION, OR CLAIM YOU CAN CALL US AT 985 17 65 65 or through our e-mail ,

The Lessee is informed that in the case about the possibility of appealing any disagreement with the Lessor party, they have the possibility of resorting to the European Union dispute resolution platform referred to in Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 ( Ar.40.5, law 7/2017), and whose link is:


All the information of the contract of car rental without driver and its general conditions is hung in the same Web and complements the information of those specific aspects of the same and that are not contemplated in the terms and conditions of rent in PAGO ON LINE, which has been tried to inform in this document with the maximum clarity to the client at the time of contracting in internet in PAGO ON LINE.

Nevertheless, any suggestion that you can make to us, you can do it to us through the electronic mail, or call us to the telephone 985 17 65 65, which we thank you in advance.