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Campervan rental

Campervan rental

Campervans are the best option if you are looking to travel freely and at your own pace. Our campervan hire in Asturias and Galicia will allow you to reach any destination and sleep anywhere, without ties or complications of any kind, thus recovering the very essence of travelling. Rent one of our camper vans now and take advantage of our online discounts.

Rent any camper or rent the best camper in Asturias and Galicia?

Our fleet of campervans for hire includes some of the best models of campervan on the market: including the famous Volkswagen California in its Beach and Ocean models. Two campervans that include everything you need to pack your bags and enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation. What have you got to lose?


Extensively equipped

Ideal for families

Great safety and comfort

Modular cabin


Up to 5 persons and 2 beds

Up to 5,800 litres of luggage space

1.90 m wide and 1.99 m high


Minimum age of driver: 21 years

Minimum experience: 2 years

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Why should you trust us?


Trust is based on good communication, which is why our prices are clear and detailed, with no last-minute surprises.


We have been in the sector for more than 30 years; thousands of satisfied customers endorse us, making us one of the most highly valued companies in Spain.


Our fleet is made up of the best brands of modern vehicles. Our rentals include insurance for driver and passengers.


We are passionate about what we do, which is why we always strive to give the best possible service to all our customers.

Nuestras furgonetas de alquiler Camper vans

VW California Camper

VW California Camper

VW Caravelle 7 Plazas Multivan

VW Caravelle 7 Plazas Multivan

Where can you rent camper vans?

Gijón Centre



Oviedo Train Station

Santiago Centre